WB RidgeRunner Hammock & Superfly Tarp


RidgeRunner Hammock & Superfly Tarp

Warbonnet Outdoors

The RidgeRunner (RR) hammock is a light weight camping/hiking hammock designed to be suspended and slung between two fixed anchor point (ie. trees). What separates the RR from other hammocks is it includes a spreader bars system at the head and tail of the hammock to hold it open. This system allows it to hang completely horizontal, and is known as a bridge style hammock.

The hammock is constructed of 1.1oz/30D Nylon material and woven suspension straps. There are also a number of small metal hardware buckles on this hammock.

I must say the build quality of these hammocks is impressive. The synthetic material may seem thin and light weight but durable if looked after properly. The straps and webbing are thick, stiff and secured together by heavy metal buckles. The quality material is fixed together by sturdy, industrial grade stitching. 

Myself and a mate both purchased a RR hammock each about a year ago and have used them on multiple successful trips. What I like most about the hammock is its ability to have a comfortable nights' sleep almost anywhere in the bush.

I've never been a traditional hammock user, so I don't know what a night spent in one is like, but the RR changed my mind about hammock bedding.This particular design is similar to laying flat on a suspension bed, It gives you the option to sleep on your side, back and even your front if you wanted too.

The hammock is very easy to use, and we personally found that assembly only takes a couple of minutes once a the desired trees are located. Once you set this hammock up a few times, you get to understand the desired hanging height and angles you need. I personally found I had the best sleeps with my head slightly lower then my feet, this prevented me from sliding down to the bottom throughout the night - resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

The RR comes in an option of a double layer, which we both opted for upon purchase, as we found that we could insert a foam mattress between these layers, which solved the common hammock issues of "Cold Bum Syndrome" .

This hammock is packed full of handy features. The most outstanding would be the pockets on each side, aka "saddle bags". Although at first glance the aesthetics of these pockets don't look too pleasing, but their practicality makes up for it. They can be accessed from inside the hammock without unzipping the Midgy-Mesh. I found myself always using them to holding my personal belongs like wallet, watch, keys or phone and of course my head torch after climbing in after dark. We also loved the built in Midgy-Mesh, as this screen keeps all the nasties out but can also be zipped all the way to the bottom of the hammock and rolled up and put away.

The Superfly Tarp is sold separately from the RR but is a perfect tarp for all Warbonnet Hammocks. The tarp is made from 1.1oz/30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silnylon. This tarp is a four season tarp providing shade in the heat, wind break in the cold and  dry shelter in the rainy seasons. At first glance I was completely shocked by how thin this tarp was, (I would compare it to a thin black garbage bag for reference), but after many uses it has proven itself to be durable. The tarp has very strong anchor points on each corner and the cut of the tarp is designed to wrap around a hammock if the weather is bad and you need max protection. Maintenance is fairly easy too, after long periods of use it has gathered a bit of ash and bird droppings, however, I found a rinse and spin cycle in the washing machine brings it back to new. 

Overall I have found these two items to be a match made in heaven.

They are very practical for those long backpack trips as they pack up small, without sacrificing room for comfort. The price is a little on the high side with the RR costing $190 USD and tarp $140 USD but due to their quality, with proper care and maintenance I can see these items lasting a lifetime. 

I did have a small issue on one trip where a fold-able shovel in the backpack rubbed on the webbing of my RR and frayed it, I contacted Warbonnet and paid for it to be sent it back to States where Warbonnet repaired it free of charge, and returned my hammock back to me no questions asked.

 I was met with fantastic customer service from the people at warbonnet outdoors.

Full specs and ordering can be found here https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/

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